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Welcome to the Cal3D frequently asked questions list.

General Questions about Cal3D

What is Cal3D?

What can I do with Cal3D?

What DOESN'T Cal3D do?

Is Cal3D stable enough to use in a game?

How fast is Cal3D? Can I use Cal3D for a commercial product?

What operating systems does Cal3D work on?

Can I use Cal3D with OpenGL / Direct3D / etc?

Who else is using Cal3D?

Project FY - http://fysoftware.com - A game still in development featuring a 3D engine capable of handling both indoor and outdoor environments and transitioning seamlessly between them.

If you know of anyone else using Cal3D, let us know! Can I just load my 3D Studio MAX files directly into Cal3D?

Character Modeling

How do I make new characters?

What modeling packages does Cal3D support?

How do I export a character from 3D Studio MAX to Cal3D?

How do I export a skeleton?

How do I export meshes?

How do I export materials?

How do I export animations?

Why does the exporter crash?

Is there an exporter for Maya or Blender?

How do I convert an IK-Solver animation in 3D Studio MAX to a keyframe animation?

What's with these RAW image files?


Are there Python bindings for Cal3D?

What coordinate system does Cal3D use?

Why are there classes and core classes?

Can I integrate Cal3D with a scenegraph like OSG or OpenSG?

Compiling Cal3D and the Exporters

What's with these missing DLL errors when I run the Cally demo?

What do I need to compile the exporters in Windows?

Where is the biped.h / bipexp.h / phyexp.h file?

Do I need a specific version of 3D Studio MAX to use the exporters?

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